Roxar Guiding Slippers – Plastic pads

Guiding Slippers & Plastic pads for Montabert rock breakers.
Polyurethan High quality Guiding Slippers: plastic pads custom molded by Roxar with high resilience polymers.
Steel Guiding Slippers, made by Roxar with heat treated special steels.

Made in Europe by Roxar.

Roxar Guiding Slippers & pads for MONTABERT XL1700, DOOSAN DXB170

Roxar Guiding Slipper & plastic pad for Montabert XL1700 – DOOSAN DXB170 rock breaker, high quality OEM equivalent spare parts. Roxar spare parts are equivalent to MONTABERT Genuine parts. The names MONTABERT and DOOSAN are registered trademarks of their respective original equipment manufacturer. All names, descriptions, numbers and symbols are used for reference purposes only.