Spare Parts


At Roxar, we have been supplying the world with alternative spare parts for years. We can provide the components for your Drifter or Rock-breaker to get your machinery working at its best in no time. No one knows genuine alternative spare parts as we do, and no one cares more about quality, service, and value.

With the goal of reducing the cost of ownership of aging mining equipment. Roxar offers customers the choice of its alternative genuine spare parts, which can be up to 40% less than the equivalent OEM branded parts.

We provide a cost-effective alternative to genuine OEM spare parts, giving customers the ability to keep older equipment in operation at a more affordable cost.

The parts are priced lower, but they are equivalent in terms of quality.


Roxar's expertise is based on the skills of our engineers in mechanical design and precision manufacturing. A component that only "fits well" within the equipment is not sufficient. The design skills of rock breakers and hydraulic drifters are essential in order to obtain the correct mechanical characteristics.
Roxar engineers create genuine equivalent components for all makes of drifters and rock-breakers, ensuring that original OEM specifications are respected. Our focus is on producing the highest quality components with strict equivalent characteristics to OEM branded parts.

If you are unsure about the part you need, please contact us. Our experts will guide you in identifying the correct part. All orders received for items in stock are shipped within 24 to 48 hours, with fast deliveries available to customers with emergency situations thanks to our large stock availability of finished and semi-finished products.


The composition and quality of steel, alloys, and polymers are the foundation of a component's structure.

Roxar constructs spare parts with the appropriate alloy grade for its intended function.

We select the best steel producers and ensure quality when manufacturing our genuine alternative spare parts.

Our top priority is the quality and durability of the component.


At Roxar, we manufacture our products in our own factory using the latest generation of multi-axis CNC machine tools.

Our highly skilled and experienced technicians develop the machine tool processes and programs to achieve precise dimensions and geometry for our spare parts.

All of our skilled operators strictly follow precise procedures to achieve dimensional characteristics at a micron level.


Heat treatment processes are crucial for the lifespan of Roxar spare parts, as they provide the necessary hardness and resilience to mechanical stress.

At Roxar, we determine the appropriate heat treatment procedures to achieve the same mechanical characteristics as the original OEM design.

We collaborate with the top heat treatment facilities in Europe to take advantage of the most advanced facilities and latest advancements in heat treatment technologies.


Specialized processes, such as shot-peening, deburring, PVD, and surface treatments, must be completed after classic manufacturing processes to give the part its final characteristics.

Hydraulic drifters & rock-breaker components, which are subject to high mechanical stress and shock wave fatigue, require such super- finishing processes.

These processes are not always "visible," but they have an effect on the steel structure, dimensional stability, thermal capabilities, or hydrodynamic capabilities. They are commonly used in the manufacturing of critical components in the aeronautical or nuclear industries.


Our alternative genuine seal kits include all seals and items as in the original seal kits, nothing is missing:

Each seal is individually packed and clearly identified for easy assembly.

A guide for assembly is provided, All seals are of the highest quality (most seals come from the same source as OEM branded seals).

All seals kits have been thoroughly tested, ensuring no surprises during assembly or throughout the life of the drifter or rock-breaker.

Our seal kit assembly line allows us to make a wide range of high-quality seal packages for hydraulic drifters and rock-breakers.

Thanks to our readily available inventory, which comprises several hundred thousand seals. We can deliver orders quickly and efficiently.


We use state-of-the-art equipment and facilities for the dimensional, geometric, and metallurgical control of our components to ensure their conformity to original specifications.

We work with renowned service providers and laboratories.

Our steels and alloys are certified, and heat treatment is also done within a certification system.