About Us


Roxar is a French company based in Lyon, specializing in the design and manufacture of high-quality products in the drilling and rock breaking field, with a unique expertise in hydraulic percussion systems for mining and construction applications. We are a leading company in the manufacturing and sales of genuine alternative spare parts for hydraulic rock-breakers and drifters machinery.

We manufacture our products in Europe, in our own facility that operates with the latest generation CNC machine tools and highly skilled engineers.

Roxar serves worldwide customers through an international dealer network, selling in over 70 countries.

At Roxar, we have been supplying alternative spare parts worldwide for over 10 years. From spare parts for your Drifter to your Rock-breaker, we can supply the components to have your machinery working at its best in no time. Roxar has been the go-to choice for customers in over 70 countries worldwide because no one knows genuine alternative spare parts as we do.

We set very high standards for quality, service, and value.

Roxar also offers a range of complete hydraulic drifters and rock-breakers for drilling equipment manufacturers and excavator manufacturers.


Roxar manufactures state-of-the-art components in its factory located in Italy. Precise manufacturing processes are defined and accurately followed for each component. As a result, Roxar only produces components made according to it’s own design and manufacturing processes. All of our in-house processes are operated by experienced, skilled engineers and technicians. Our capabilities include:

Last generation high precision CNC machining centers: big lathes / milling centers / combined turning and milling centers, including up to 9-axis machining centers for the precision machining of highly complex components.

CAD/CAM workstations

CNC precision grinding centers for ultra-precision finishing (at the micron level)

Superfinishing equipment

Laser marking

Seal kit assembling facility

Precision measurement equipment.

Complete equipment assembly and testing workshop (hydraulic drifters and breakers).

Used drifter remanufacturing workshop.


Roxar’s knowledge base is rooted in it’s engineers skills in mechanical design and precision manufacturing. Simply having a component that “fits well” within the equipment is not sufficient. In fact, expertise in the design of rock breakers and hydraulic drifters is essential in order to achieve the desired mechanical characteristics. Our engineers design genuine equivalent components for all models of drifters and rock-breakers, taking into account the original OEM specifications.

Our team of experts possess unique skills in rock breaker and rock drill engineering. We develop a complete range of spare parts for well-known manufacturers, as well as invent and patent innovative systems in our field. These skills are crucial when performing the reverse engineering of genuine components.

Each spare part is analyzed based on the following factors:

Functionality in the system, mechanical and stress resilience.

3D CAD modeling.

Raw materials.

Dimensional and geometrical characteristics.

Manufacturing processes and quality


Roxar focuses on producing components of the highest quality with strict equivalent characteristics to OEM branded parts.

Our products are manufactured in our factory located in Europe.

We strictly control and document every manufacturing process in order to ensure the highest level of precision and quality.

We frequently and precisely monitor all subcontracted processes and work with the highest level specialists in heat treatments and finishing treatments to ensure the best results.

We are able to control sub-micron dimensions and geometries of the products we manufacture using state-of-the-art measuring equipment and third-party quality control providers.

For seals, diaphragms, and custom-molded elastomer products, we work with the best worldwide suppliers, such as Freudenberg (CFW, NOK, …), and Trelleborg.


In our warehouse, we prioritize the fast preparation of orders and accurate packaging of goods for international shipments. We are experienced in shipping to most parts of the world.

Roxar provides all necessary documents for customs clearance procedures and we also offer customized logistics solutions based on specific requirements, from small express shipments to larger stock orders.

All orders received for items in stock are shipped within 24 to 48 hours, with fast deliveries available for customers with emergency situations.