Rock Breakers


Roxar offers a range of High Performances Hydraulic Rock-Breakers to construction equipment manufacturers and rental fleets. Unlike most hydraulic rock-breakers manufacturer, Roxar is fully independent from any complete equipment manufacturer. Our products are usually integrated in a OEM complete equipment. In order to achieve the best performance and integration, we offer custom engineering services for OEMs.

Roxar products are manufactured in our state of the art facility which is located in Europe. Roxar rock-breakers combine an innovative design with exclusive features, they are simple and robust devices: their modern design concept reduces components complexity, allowing an unmatched life span as well as an easy and cheap maintenance. Roxar maximizes rock-breaking productivity thanks to its unique system which senses the rock hardness and automatically adjusts energy / frequency ratio. Roxar hammers have low operation cost, working without overheating or pressure peaks, the carrier is hereafter perfectly protected. Roxar rock-breakers range covers any application like construction works, demolition, quarry operations, trenching, rental fleets, mass excavation, tunnelling, special works, and most carriers requirements:



Backhoe loaders

Mining booms

Special rock-breaking equipments

Unmatched Productivity

Roxar rock breakers innovative design provides a very high mechanical efficiency optimizing the shock-wave transmission to the tool, while the hydraulic system senses the rock hardness and automatically adjusts the energy / frequency ratio allowing to maximize the rock breaking productivity on any kind of application (from mix ground to the hardest rocks). The automatic energy recovery allowing the optimization of energy and frequency is not anymore the privilege of high end heavy demolition hammers! Furthermore, on hard ground, the rebound energy is recovered and used for the next blow increasing the whole system efficiency

Unmatched Productivity

Roxar rock breakers have an innovative design that maximizes mechanical efficiency for optimal shock-wave transmission to the tool.

The hydraulic system of Roxar rock breakers adjusts the energy/frequency ratio based on the hardness of the rock, improving productivity in various applications.

Roxar rock breakers feature automatic energy recovery, which optimizes energy and frequency for use in different applications.

Roxar rock breakers are designed to recover and utilize rebound energy from previous blows when working on hard ground, resulting in increased system efficiency.

Easiness to fit

The installation process for the rock breaker has never been more straightforward. Simply connect the hydraulic lines, and the hydraulic hammer is immediately operational, with no need for valve installation or carrier settings modification.

The Roxar rock breaker's unique design enables it to automatically adapt to the carrier flow. This feature makes it highly versatile, with a broad range of applications, and simplifies the process of selecting the appropriate model to pair with each carrier.

The pressure is automatically regulated by the rock breaker in any operating conditions or environment, including temperature.


Roxar rock breakers are distinguished by their simple yet robust construction, providing unparalleled reliability and durability.

The unique hydraulic system of these breakers effectively adjusts energy and frequency, which reduces stress on the various components, and results in an increased lifespan.

Hydraulic cycle self-adapts and recovers piston rebound energy, avoiding pressure pics and protecting excavator.

Greasing system included as standard; tank inside rock breaker body eliminates external lubrication station; allows automatic greasing for full days’ work.

Low Operation Cost

Roxar rock breakers are affordable, easy to maintain with a modular design.

Service operations are simple and intervals long, reducing costs with standardized components and seals.

The Roxar hydraulic demolition hammers are designed to optimize energy and frequency, resulting in a reduced level of vibrations and stress.

This feature enhances the lifespan of the hammers, providing superior performance and longevity.

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Roxar is a global manufacturer of drifters, rock drills, rock breakers, and hydraulic hammers. Our primary focus is alternative spare parts, ranging from spare parts for Drifters to  Rock-breakers. We can supply the components to have your machinery working at its best in no time. We also rebuild used drifters and rock breakers. Our products are designed with innovation and quality in mind, and all are manufactured in Europe to the highest standards.