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Roxar legal notice

Roxar has launched this site to provide information for its users. None of the information provided on the site may be used for commercial purposes without the prior written permission of Roxar.
The presentation and content of this site are protected by current laws on intellectual property, which concern Roxar. No part of this site can be reproduced or represented without the prior written authorization of Roxar.
– The name Roxar, the logo Roxar, and the associated slogans are, unless specified otherwise, registered trademarks of Roxar. Any reproduction, use and/or modification made without the prior written permission of Roxar may constitute an offence.
– The content, illustrations, photographs, images, texts, animated film, with or without sound, and other material represented on this website are all covered by industrial and/or intellectual property rights and are either the property of Roxar or of a third party that has given Roxar limited rights to use such material. All manufacturers names, numbers price symbol and descriptions are used for reference purpose only.
– Roxar sells spare parts for hydraulic rock-breakers and drifters which are interchangeable with the original spares. In order to accurately describe the destination of the spare parts and products listed in our technical references and price list, we are obliged to use manufacturers’ part numbers and trademarks names. This use is fully admitted, in accordance with the “article L713-6 B du code de la propriété intellectuelle\”. This use cannot, under any circumstances, lead to confusion about their origin. All our products are \”original\” or “equivalent\” or “superior quality\” or “adaptable” or “compatible”. All original manufacturer identification – numbers, symbols and descriptions – are used solely for reference purposes. To identify the product, the customer must always consult the original machine manufacturer\’s spare part catalogue.
– Any partial or complete reproduction, representation, adaptation, translation and/or alteration, or transfer to another website, is prohibited.
– Visitors to this website may copy any material for their private use. However, the partial or complete reproduction of any material without prior written permission from Roxar is strictly prohibited, with the exception of uses for press purposes.
– Drawings, photos, and films of products may depict finishes, names, optional equipment, or optional accessories that vary according to the country where they are available for sale. Roxar is not contractually bound by any information provided on this website.
– Recording rights: All sound recording rights are reserved. Unless specifically authorized, the duplication, rental, or loan of these recordings for public or broadcast use is prohibited.
– Authors’ rights: All authors’ rights are reserved. Unless specifically authorized, the reproduction or use of any material other than for personal consultation is prohibited.

All contents © Copyright Roxar, 2015. All Rights Reserved.

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