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Drifter applications and definition

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Drifter for rock drilling – definition and drifter applications

A hydraulic drifter, also called hydraulic rock drill or Top Hammer, is a powerful equipment which combines a rotation and a percussion system, designed to drill holes in rock or in the ground. Roxar Hydraulic drifters are typically used in the quarries or mining industry to drill bast holes. Roxar drifters are optimized for Underground Mining, Bolting, Tunnelling as well as Surface Drilling, anchoring or Special Applications. A drifter is able to drill holes up to 152mm diameter and up to 40 meters depth in hard materials, rocks or concrete structures.

Roxar Rock drills are frequently operated for drilling applications in

  • underground mining industry,

  • surface quarry field,

  • geological exploration,

  • construction job sites,

  • anchoring,

  • bolting,

  • consolidation applications,

  • dimensional stone sites,

  • dams consolidation,

  • underwater drilling,

  • special drilling applications.


The drifter is placed on rail. This rail is also called feed, or rig. The drill travels on the rail, or drifts. This kind of drilling procedure is also called drifting. The feed is usually attached with a boom to the rock drilling machine.

Roxar rock drill are fitted on a carrier or drilling equipment like:

  • a rock drilling machine,

  • a mining drilling jumbo, also called jumbo drill

  • a tunneling jumbo, also called tunneling drill,

  • a surface crawler drill,

  • different kinds of drill rig,

  • bolter drill, longhole drill, shaft jumbo drill, wagon drill,

  • it can be adapted as a drilling attachment on an excavator, a skid steer or a backhoe loader.


Roxar drifters can be easily fitted on drilling equipment like:

  • Atlas Copco drilling equipment,
  • Secoroc drilling equipment,
  • Sandvik drilling equipment,
  • Tamrock drilling equipment,
  • Minemaster drilling equipment,
  • Resemin drilling equipment,
  • MTI drilling equipment,
  • Fletcher drilling equipment,
  • Montabert drilling equipment,
  • Wolf drilling equipment,
  • AMV drilling equipment,
  • Robodrill drilling equipment,
  • CAT drilling equipment,
  • Caterpillar drilling equipment,
  • McDowell drilling equipment,
  • Herrenknecht drilling equipment,
  • Furukawa drilling equipment,
  • FRD drilling equipment,
  • DH Mining drilling equipment,
  • Boart Longyear drilling equipment,
  • Joy drilling equipment,
  • RDH drilling equipment,
  • Terex drilling equipment,
  • and many others drilling equipment!

Furthermore, Roxar rock drills spare parts  can be adapted on any drifter like Atlas-Copco drifters, Secoroc drifters, Sandvik drifters, Tamrock drifters, Montabert drifters, Doofor drifters, TEI drifters, Eurodrill drifters, Furukawa drifters, Boart Longyear drifters, SECOMA drifters, Hydrastar drifters, LHS drifters, Cop drifters, Joy drifters, Cop1838, Cop1238, Cop3038, HC109, HC50, HC40, HC110, HC120, HC158, HC170, HC220, HC20, HC25, HC95, HLX5, HC112, HD1001, HD1002, and many others!

In a drifter, the percussive system strikes the drill steel, at several thousand blows per minute, while the rotation drives the drill string at several hundreds rounds per minute. Combined together, these functions enable drilling holes into rock. The resulting broken material called cuttings is then pushed up from the bottom of the hole by means of pressurized air or water, this process is called flushing. The hydraulic power of the drilling equipment is used in order to move the hydraulic drifter piston.

In Roxar hydraulic drifters, the piston moves up and down at very high frequency and hits the shank adapter, the blow energy and frequency are automatically adapted to the drilling conditions. This cyclical piston movement generates powerful and destructive shock waves transmitted to the rock through the drill string.

Roxar unique hydraulic system has improved the rock drill technology and allows a better efficiency of the drilling operations. Hydraulic drifters are often referred to as \”rock drills\”, \”hydraulic top hammers\”, \”roto-percussion drills\”, \”hoe rams\” or \”hoe rammers.\” These terms are popular and commonly used amongst drilling / quarry / mining workers.


Learn More about Roxar rock drills and drifters:

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image by Allill at Korean Wikipedia [CC BY-SA 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0) or GFDL (http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/fdl.html)], via Wikimedia Commons

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